Kairy™ will help you better understand your or your loved one’s health and wellbeing by finding the unknown root cause of any medical condition you may be facing. Giving you peace of mind and allowing you to take control of your life.

A Closer Look

Kairy™ is a health and wellbeing app for everyone; whether you are young, fit and healthy, facing an unknown medical condition or dealing with a more serious illness.

Kairy™ offers you a comprehensive way to manage, record and track every important activity in your life from busy schedules to what you put into your body; and logging any medical conditions you may have such as seizures or emotional and mental wellbeing.

Logging all this information allows you to create custom reports to help you find common patterns or triggers related to certain events that take place in your life, thus being able to avoid them to help reduce these incidences from occurring in the future.

Have peace of mind knowing that important appointments, therapies and medications are never missed.

Key Features

What They’re Saying

I like to track everything as it's the only way to figure out what triggers my son’s seizures. Especially weaning medications and introducing new foods.

Cezanne Halligan-Jolly

“Medication timing and dosage is essential for seizure prevention and safety. Using an app that can help caregivers ensure that medications are accurately given according to schedule, will greatly improve seizure prevention and safety.”

Dr. Charlene Kulenkampff

Log every Seizure as well as your Emotional Wellbeing and any Other Medical Condition in detail.

  • Date, Time & Duration
  • Type, Place & Description
  • Whether or not emergency medication was taken or hospitalization was needed

All this information is important when trying to find patterns and triggers as to what could possibly be contributing to seizures and other health concerns. Create custom reports to share with your medical practitioner.

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