We don’t want to stop here. The love and care we have for Kai has propelled us to want to share Kairy with the world.

Brad and Twoné Moreland, both loving and caring parents, came up with the idea of Kairy after struggling to keep track of all the medications, medical appointments and dietary requirements for their special needs son, Kai. The idea became a reality when Kai suddenly began having major seizures and where medical practitioners would ask for detailed information on anything that had changed at that time for Kai.

Trying to find patterns and triggers for these seizures, they first started to keep track of this information in a book for Kai (Kai’s Diary) but soon realized the need to digitize it – and so, Kairy was created. “We don’t want it to only revolutionize our life with Kai. We want to change the lives of many others. And that’s our vision.” Brad and Twoné Moreland

Kai’s Story

Seven-year-old Kai has a rare genetic neuromuscular disorder. But that doesn’t define how he sees the world and how it sees him. Like many boys his age, he loves life and his family. Anyone who meets him is drawn to his innocent and beautiful nature. He has an amazing sense of humour and enjoys school and hanging out with his friends. He is obsessed with superheroes, Ironman being his favourite, and spends loads of time watching all the superhero cartoons he can. Kai is a little different to others his age and does things differently like controlling his hands from shaking when holding a pen to draw as well as when trying to feed himself. Being non-verbal, Kai communicates with a few basic words, eyes and hand gestures and facial expressions. He can’t stand or walk independently (yet!) and relies on AFO (Ankle and Foot Orthoses) braces for his ankles and feet to provide him the support needed to stand up straight. He also uses a walker while trying to stand and walk and has recently gained freedom of movement with his first wheelchair, allowing him to move wherever he wants to go with ease. But this is not the end for Kai. It’s a hopeful beginning.