Our goal is to provide technology at the fingertips of those caring for children and adults with special needs and medical conditions of varying degrees.

We believe that Kairy will provide a platform to better equip, manage those busy schedules and keep on top of the important things. We hope Kairy will assist in finding patterns and triggers.

Kairy is a health and wellbeing application for those wanting to keep track of their busy schedules; from school routines and activities to therapies and medical appointments. Manage

detailed food diaries with the help of nutritionist-created lists. Log medical events that take place such as seizures, behaviours and mood changes. Record weather, moon phases and other relevant information that may act as triggers and help you to find those patterns which could be causing medical problems. Monitor heart rate and movement activity with ease. Create custom reports using the data entered and much more…

Comfort Meets Technology

Each wearable device is designed with comfort in mind and backed by user-friendly technology equipped to easily track heart rate and movement activity. Data will sync in real time throughout the day.  We have designed and created smaller size wristbands for kids which are available in white, blue and purple.

Unique User Profile

Create a user profile for yourself or child, with detailed information such as; age, weight, height and medical diagnosis. As well as emergency details and instructions on what to do in an emergency situation for caregivers to have at their fingertips.

Add friends you or your child interact with, when you use the socialisation feature in the app you can then select your friends you spend time with.

Nutrition On-the-go

The in-built nutrition knowledge – backed by a qualified nutritionist – provides comprehensive lists of various food groups to choose from when creating meals. Good and bad food choices are flagged with red, yellow and green colors to help you create better meal choices for your loved ones.

Calendar for Ease

Pre-enter various appointments such as; schools, doctor & specialist appointments, social interaction and various therapies on the easy to use backend, and enjoy peace of mind when the app notifies you of upcoming appointments on a daily basis.

Easily log and record every seizure that occurs in detail on the backend or frontend. This will allow you to create and print reports to help you and your doctor find common patterns and your own personal ‘triggers’ that took place on the days a seizure occurred to help you minimise seizures in the future.

Log any medical intervention that takes place for reporting purposes.

Daily Notifications and Reward Summary

Once a notification is confirmed on the frontend, a badge will be earned on the summary page to help encourage, engage and reward children for doing things they don’t like to do, such as taking medications, potty-training and therapies.

Medication and Supplement Reminders

Input various medications that need to be taken throughout the day, as well as supplements in the backend and frontend. The app will notify you and your caregivers when to administer important medications and supplements to ensure that medications are never missed.

Monitor the amount of fluids taken orally or by g-tube, to ensure that liquid and blended feeds are never missed.

Sensory Arousal, Behaviour and Mood Tracking

Input and monitor the amount of sensory arousal you or your child has on a daily basis to avoid sensory overload and behavioural issues, which can have an impact on mood changes. This information is crucial in helping find patterns and triggers for your seizure activity.

Reporting and Analytics for Prevention

The in-app algorithm analyses the information available and creates unique reports which can be easily used as reference by parents and medical practitioners when assessing a behaviour change over a specific period.

Data such as weather, moon phase and all the features you input on a daily basis will allow you to create customised reports which can be used to help you find common patterns of events and triggers on the days a seizure occurred.

Finding out what your own personal ‘triggers’ to your seizures are, could help you eliminate certain patterns in your daily life and ultimately reduce seizures in the future.

The more information you provide daily, the more beneficial the application will become in creating accurate and helpful reports.