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A Closer Look

Kairy™ is a health and wellbeing application for those wanting to keep track of their busy schedules; from school routines and activities to therapies and medical appointments. Manage detailed food diaries with the help of nutritionist-created lists. Log medical events that take place such as seizures, behaviours and mood changes. Record weather, moon phases and other relevant information that may act as triggers and help you to find those patterns which could be causing medical problems. Monitor heart rate and movement activity with ease. Create custom reports using the data entered and much more…

Key Features

Comfort Meets Technology

Unique User Profile

Nutrition On-the-go

Calendar for Ease

Daily Notifications
and Reward Summary

and Supplement Reminders

Sensory Arousal, Behaviour
and Mood Tracking

Reporting and Analytics for Prevention

What They’re Saying

I like to track everything as it's the only way to figure out what triggers my son’s seizures. Especially weaning medications and introducing new foods.

Cezanne Halligan-Jolly

“Medication timing and dosage is essential for seizure prevention and safety. Using an app that can help caregivers ensure that medications are accurately given according to schedule, will greatly improve seizure prevention and safety.”

Dr. Charlene Kulenkampff

Custom Backend Setup
Caters for All Users.

Set up custom profiles with detailed information, medical diagnosis as well as emergency details and instructions for caregivers to have at their fingertips.

Settings Menu Add data you wish to track. Create reminders for medications and supplements. Create and save your favorite meals. Track moods, sensory arousal and more throughout the day by setting notification times for all that is important.
My Profile / Change Profile Create your profile with your personal information, emergency details, instructions and diagnosis. Select an origami themed avatar for your child.
Set Data to Track Using the drop-down menu, select a particular event from settings that you would like to track and keep record of.

Real Time Data Sync
Throughout The Day.

The in-app algorithm analyses the information available and creates unique reports which can be easily used as reference by parents and medical practitioners when assessing a behaviour change over a specific period.

Custom Reports Reports are designed to help you find commonalities on the days a particular event took place so you can better manage your child’s lifestyle. Generate a report at any time which you can share with your doctor or specialist.
View the time line by: last hour, day, week or month. And also type in the period you would like to track, from and to date.
Activity Report Time line will give you a visual representation of the things you want to track; medi-cations, weather, moon phase, seizures etc. When events were supposed to hap-pen and when they were actually confirmed or missed.

Easily Log and Record Every Seizure that occurs in detail.

Backend or frontend, this will allow you to create and print reports to help you and your doctor find common patterns and your own personal ‘triggers’ that took place on the days a seizure occurred to help you minimise seizures in the future.

Emergency Info What you enter in the backend will show up on the app on your profile page: emer-gency information will be at the fingertips of child’s caregiver in case of an emer-gency with clear instructions giving you peace of mind.
Diagnosis Detailed diagnosis on hand is also helpful for emergency situations, especially if an ambulance is called and need the exact diagnosis of yourself or child.
Add Calendar Event Easily input any new information as and when it arises from your mobile device. Moods, behaviors which could be related to medications. Ad-hoc medications as they are taken, un-planned foods they have eaten, and upcoming appointments.
Add a seizure event Record seizures as they take place with type of seizure, full description, timing and whether emergency medication was given or not.

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